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If the diagnosis is discrimination, the remedy is health justice

Imagine taking your sick child to hospital, but instead of receiving adequate medical treatment you’re turned away with some paracetamol – simply because of the colour of your child's skin.

Imagine experiencing a mental health crisis while in police custody, and instead of receiving compassion and care you’re given brute force – only because of your disability.

Imagine being put behind bars on a remote island where you are denied access to the medical and psychological care you need – just because of the way you came to this country.

Imagine this, and imagine losing your parent, your child, your sibling or loved one to discrimination in healthcare.

Far too often, we hear terrible stories like these from our clients.

They tell us stories of how their pain was ignored by decision-makers, how their sick children were shown prejudice from officials, or how their loved ones were denied specialist care by our governments because of how they came to Australia.

This happens when systemic discrimination enters the health and judicial systems. Despite the professionalism of medical professionals, many people do not receive the compassionate treatment that they deserve from the healthcare system.

With your help, we can fight for health justice for our clients.

Health justice means that no one is denied care because of their race, origin or ability.

It means equity in access to quality, culturally-safe healthcare.

It means righting the wrongs of systemic discrimination in healthcare.

With your support, we will work to cure one of the most damaging diseases - discrimination.


Statistics at right taken from: (1) Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, "Access to health services by Australians with disability", 2017. (2) International Journal for Equity in Health, "Patterns and correlates of self-reported racial discrimination among Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults", 2013. (3) Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council, "Audit on institutional racism in the QLD health system", 2018.

With your support we can:

Cover the costs of expensive medical and psychological reports for our clients, which are essential to achieve health justice for our clients, and can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000.

Help our clients make change-making complaints about discriminatory medical treatment. We have already submitted 10 complaints relating to discrimination in healthcare over the past year, with each complaint costing anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000 to prepare.

Run one year of Social Justice Clinics to educate and inspire 20 legal change-makers about healthcare justice.

Represent 17 clients who have lost loved ones in custody, many of them people who did not receive compassionate medical and psychological care while in prisons or in police presence.

Continue taking legal action for 47 people seeking asylum who were denied access to adequate healthcare while in offshore detention.

Collaborate with community organisations, researchers and industry professionals to deliver powerful submissions to parliamentary inquiries on how we can tackle discrimination in healthcare.

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How can I learn more about the National Justice Project's work in health justice?

To read more about our work, visit our Health Justice Program webpage. 

How can I encourage my friends and colleagues to support the fundraiser?

To share the campaign with your friends, simply cop the URL into a social media post and tell your friends what motivated you to make a donation! You can also engage with campaign materials through our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram communities. 

Will I receive a receipt?

Yes, we will send you a tax-deductible receipt right after you make a donation.

Where can I learn more about your advocacy for health justice?

We call on governments to enact systemic reforms for health justice through writing powerful submissions to the Disability Royal Commission, the NSW inquiry into regional healthcare, and the NSW inquiry into First Nations deaths in custody. You can also read ABC reporting on our work here